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Pango Safe@Home

Work-from-home made Safe, Reliable, and Easy

Work-from-home presents serious challenges.


Home networks often run on consumer class hardware with software that is out-of-date while using the default configuration. Passwords get shared with all sorts of people and never get changed. This means the bad guys have an easier time getting in.


Home networks tend to go down or run slowly because their hardware fails under heavy load, it is not optimized for the way the network is being used, and your employees are competing with their families for bandwidth


The old ways of collaborating are often hard in the work-from-home world. Files are all over the place. Shared drives are hard to use. There is no water cooler. Spontaneous chats don’t seem to happen.

but... Work-from-home has a lot of rewards!

Happier Employees

In February of 2021 Microsoft published a report based on a survey of 4000 workers that indicates they are happier because they have more flexibility and less time lost to commuting and office inefficiencies.

Increased Producticity

According to a study conducted by Stanford's Nicholas Bloom are 13% more productive when they work from home.

Better Employees

Employees value the flexibility and freedom of working from home. If you can offer this approach (especially in a hybrid work-from-home/office based model) you will find it easier to attract top talent.

Pango Safe@Home makes work-from-home easier, more reliable, and more secure.

Recognizing that work-from-home will continue to be part of how we all do business, Pango Technology has developed Pango Safe@Home.

This add-on to our managed services package uses business-class network design and equipment to turn employee home networks into secure extensions of your corporate network. In addition to providing increased security, business-class network hardware is remotely managed and creates faster, more reliable, and more secure networks in the home, thereby reducing lost time due to unnecessary outages and inefficiencies. Pango Safe@Home also provides access to key file sharing and other collaboration technologies to improve work-from-home productivity.

A Simple and Powerful IT Solution

Pango Safe@Home is an additional service you can add to the Pango Technology managed IT services package. It’s perfect for smart small and medium-sized businesses. With Pango Safe@Home you get:

Security Peace of Mind

Business-class networking, anti-virus, anti-malware, spam filtering, cutting-edge firewall solutions, regular back-up, and disaster recovery. We take care of it all.

Regular Back-Ups

Reliable, secure backups are an essential part of any security plan. If the worst happens you need to be able to recover data from before the incident and you can’t do that without a solid back up. We make sure you are covered.


Home networks are notoriously unreliable, especially under work-from-home’s increased load. Professionally managed IT, built on business-class equipment is more robust. If your employees are working from home, Pango Safe@Home just makes sense

Secure File-Sharing

Pre-Pandemic file sharing solutions might not be up to the work-from-home challenge; Documents flying all over the place via email are hard to track. We make sure you are taking advantage of the best-fit collaboration solutions for your business.

The way we work has changed forever. Virtual office models are here to stay. Smart employers are leaning into the change and the best employees will follow. Don’t fall behind.

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