About Us

We know Alaska and Alaskan business.

Pango Technology was formed in 1997. Our mission is to provide smart, responsive service to help Alaskan organizations run more effectively by improving their use of information technology.

We believe that high quality results are achieved by:

  • Hiring talented and committed staff.
  • Providing expertise in current technologies.
  • Actively finding solutions – custom or commercial.
  • Establishing clear communication through reporting and team structure.

Who We Are

We live, work, and play in Alaska. People join our team because they enjoy a dynamic work environment where every client has its own culture and its own set of challenges. We are communicators, not drones, who enjoy learning about you and then putting our skills and experience to work, helping you use information technology to improve your business. Pangos know every day that they are contributing to Alaska’s vibrant economy, helping lift all our boats higher.

Our Customers

Pango Technology’s customers come from a broad spectrum of industries including federal, state and local governments; Alaska Native Corporations; and private sector companies in telecommunications, oil and gas, health care, retail, transportation and logistics, and education. Sometimes we staff the whole project from initial analysis to programming to user training and documentation; sometimes we advise on one phase or key study; and sometimes we help out by supplying an essential team member who has the skill set our customers simply can't find anywhere else. We believe in investing in long-term relationships with our clients, and many of them have been with us since the earliest days of our company.

How We Work

Our goal is to meet our clients’ technological needs in the most effective and efficient way possible. To do that we adhere to four principles:

  • Business needs come first.
  • Staying current with technology.
  • Communication is crucial.
  • Rigorous process enables success.

Business Needs First

Pango Technology applies a “business needs first” approach to our development process. We begin each project by discovering all we can about how our client does business now, and clarifying their business goals for the future. Our success is predicated on our ability to understand and meet those needs.

We are not interested in the latest methodology fad or whiz-bang technology. We want to get to the heart of the problem, solve it with what works best, and in ways that have been proven in the field.

Staying Current

Just because we’re all about the solution does not mean we don’t love the tech. New technologies can lead to powerful solutions that save time and money for our clients. Advances in technology can lead to faster turn-around times for custom solutions and easier management by the client once the solution is fully implemented. Pangos are testing and investigating the newest technologies and tools all the time – it’s why we got into this exciting business - so that we’re ready to bring them to bear when the need arises.


Good communication is the key to any successful business relationship, and an essential component of Pango Technology’s approach. We facilitate communication in three important ways:


Project status reporting is provided to all of our clients on a regular basis throughout the life of the project. This reporting helps keep our clients aware of current activities, budget, schedule performance, and any potential issues.

Team Integration

We love to work closely with our customer’s in-house development team. It helps us get quickly up-to-speed and smooth the transition from development to support once the project is complete. Our consultants are comfortable fitting into your organization as a key team member. We encourage qualified members of your team to work with us to identify and implement the best solution for you.

Documentation and Training

In order to get the maximum return from your solution you may require training and documentation for your technical staff and end users. Pango Technology creates high quality technical and end-user documentation as an integral part of our business process. We also have the right staff to develop and deliver personal training to your in-house support staff and users.

Rigorous Process

Whatever the requirement, however large or small, we can apply the best fit process for the task. Process is important because repeatability is improvability. We can repeat our processes – because we do this all the time! – so we can improve on them, and improving the way we do business ultimately saves your business time and money. Our people are experienced in modern development methodologies ranging from large scale RUP-style waterfall to the latest agile/scrum innovation.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Pango Technology

At Pango Technology, we love working and serving in Anchorage, Alaska because it is one of the most diverse communities in the country. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service to our customers through the most talented workforce we can hire, and that means recruiting and retaining the most diverse workforce we can. The technology industry has not historically been a strong example of diversity and inclusiveness in hiring. Despite that, hiring candidates from underrepresented populations has always been a core component of how we do business.

Retention, and not just recruitment, of diverse candidates is important, and we strive to create a workplace that is inclusive, fair, and provides access to resources for employees coming from a wide variety of backgrounds. We treat all our employees equally, providing support and advisory partnerships to all new staff, and see parity in tenure as a strong step in the direction of equitable workplaces.

Critically, we also know that the talent pool from which we draw our employees is dependent on the support and policies of the community we live in towards underrepresented groups. Pango is 100% about our people, and in order to have the best people, we cast the widest possible net. We know that our business, and others like us, are more successful when the community is inclusive and diverse. Pango Technology has long supported anti-discrimination policies in the Municipality of Anchorage and ways to make this city more welcoming of those who have been historically underrepresented. In 2016, we participated in Identity Inc.’s TransformAK project, by helping create a video about the importance and value of LGBTQI+ equality protections. We live out these values in our hiring practices every day. A link to that video (filmed before our brand change to Pango Technology) is available here: PangoMedia's Story - Video.